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SK Innovation enthralls global talents for the future vision of decarbonization
2021.10.05 | SKinno News

■ SK Innovation’s Global Forum 2021 aims to reinforce the network with renowned American universities/institutions and secure global talents to sharpen the competitive edges for ESG based new businesses

■ CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun hosted the forum and emphasize, “What matters most in a transformative innovation ‘Carbon to Green’ is to secure technological competence/core talents in the field of battery and eco-friendly materials,” considering to double up the SKI R&D manpower from the current level by 2023


SK Innovation successfully completed a global forum held in San Francisco, U.S. local time on Oct. 2, 2021. The global forum is a platform for SK Innovation to strengthen its network with prestigious universities and research institutes located in the U.S., while finding global talents.


SK Innovation CEO Kim Jun, the host of the forum, shared that the purpose of the event is to obtain outstanding global talents who can boost the company’s competitiveness of ESG based new businesses such as battery and eco-friendly material, with financial story strategy.


“For SK Innovation to accomplish the ‘Carbon to Green’ innovation, it is of great importance to acquire technological capabilities in business sectors that serve as new growth engines such as battery and eco-friendly material”, said CEO Kim Jun. “In this regard, securing man of abilities has overriding importance.”


“SK Innovation will shore up its internal R&D capabilities by doubling its R&D personnel from the current level by 2023,” he added. “The company will escalate the speed and odds of success for its ‘Carbon to Green’ strategy by taking steps such as internalize the technological capability, expansion of R&D infra, and the pursuit of open innovation in collaboration with outsiders.”


SK Group has been holding the global forum and it was the first occasion SK Innovation took charge of the event this year. SK Innovation explicated the reason as an attempt to propel the company’s ‘Carbon to Green’ strategy by gathering core talents. Starting from this year, SKI will regularly hold global forum events from now on.


This year’s global forum invited master’s and doctoral degree holders from twelve American universities and research institutes, current employees of global enterprises in the eco-friendly material and battery business sectors, and the company’s management including CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun, CEO of SK On Jee Dong-seob, Head of SK Innovation’s Institute of Environmental Science & Technology Lee Seong-jun, and Head of Battery R&D Center Rhee Jang-weon among others.


As the first step after the launch of SK On on October 1st, 2021, SK On CEO Jee Dong-seob set out to call in men of ability to raise the battery business competitiveness. He said, “we will be a global top-tier battery enterprise by driving a deep change with a team of talented professionals.


“Institute of Environmental Science & Technology of SK Innovation will focus on eco-friendly future growth in terms of R&D and securing differentiated technological solutions, which will serve to expedite SKI’s transition from carbon to green,” said SK Innovation’s Institute of Environmental Science & Technology Head Lee Seong-jun.


Head of Battery R&D Center Rhee Jang-weon presented the company’s battery technologies accumulated for more than 20 years. He stated, “We will accelerate our effort to obtain a technological basis for SK On’s new businesses such as Battery Metal Recycle (BMR). To do so, attracting highly talented people is not an option but an imperative.”


On the other hand, the debate session of the event was devoted to delving into topics including ▲battery/next-generation battery, ▲ environment ▲eco-friendly materials, and more, joined by participants and the management of SK Innovation.



CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun hosted the Global Forum on October 2nd (US local time) at San Francisco, the U.S.




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