SK Innovation seeks deep change for ESG growth at CES 2021

■ A group of 350 members and executives participate in the online CES 2021 from January 11th to 14th.

■ SK IE Technology, the material business subsidiary of SK Innovation, received the CES Innovation Award for FCW product.

■ President & CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun emphasized, “We will look for ESG growth plans to complete our financial story at the CES site.”


SK Innovation announced that it has assembled a group of 350 members to participate in CES 2021, which is held online from January 11th to 14th (US local time). This is one of the company’s first activities to start the first year that marks its growth based on a financial story.


Due to COVID-19, this is the first time in its more than 50 years of history that CES 2021 is conducted as an online-only event. SK Innovation’s group of attendees include President & CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun, President of Battery Business Jee Dong-seob, President & CEO of SK IE Technology Roh Jaesok, along with other executives and members of SK Innovation Environmental Science and Technology Institute and those in charge of the company’s business strategy.


Through this year participation in CES 2021, SK Innovation aims to take a closer look at the global trends in major industries, such as E-Mobility, to complete the Green Balance strategy that the company has been pursuing to achieve ESG growth based on a financial story. On the other hand, SK Innovation also plans to seek opportunities to cooperate with companies that lead the trends and technologies matched with SK Innovation’s directions.


This year, CES virtual show not only introduces emerging technologies and products of AI, virtual reality, and autonomous driving, but also focuses on tech innovations driven by the current pandemic.


SK Innovation is the first Korean enterprise in the energy & chemical industry and EV battery industry to participate in CES. The company has been taking part in CES event since 2019. Last year, SK Innovation and its subsidiaries including SK Global Chemical, SK Lubricants, and SK IE Technology, attracted a lot of attention by unveiling “SK Inside,” a collection of core technologies for innovations in future E-mobility. This includes SK Innovation’s cutting-edge batteries, ultra-light and eco-friendly materials, and lubricant products.


Besides, SK IE Technology’s brand of colorless cover material for flexible displays FCW (Flexible Cover Window) was selected as a CES 2021 Innovation Awards honoree in the wearable technology sector for innovative design and engineering features.


“The fact that CES, which showcases new technologies of companies around the world, is held online this year, is actually a good chance for more members who are contemplating the deep change centered on ESG growth to check the show directly,” said Kim Jun, President & CEO of SK Innovation. “Participating in CES event is an opportunity for us to find the technology and trends that can help us complete our financial story, which aims for ESG growth,” he added.




(Photo 1) SK Inside unveiled at CES 2020


(Photo 2) Top management of SK Innovation at CES 2020 (from left: Head of Corporate Strategy & Development Division Kim Cheol-jung, President & CEO of SK Innovation Kim Jun, President of SK Innovation Battery Business Jee Dong-seob, Head of Battery R&D Center Rhee Jang-weon, Head of Battery Marketing Division Kim Yoo-suk)


(Photo 3) SK booth at CES 2020




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