(Main Street News) GUEST COLUMN: “SK Innovation project a game-changer”, by Commissioner Pat Wilson, Georgia Department of Economic Development

▲ Image by Georgia Department of Economic Development


On October 7th (local time), Pat Wilson, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) shared a Guest Column entitled “SK Innovation project a game-changer” on Main Street News (https://www.mainstreetnews.com/). Pat Wilson has served as Commissioner of GDEcD, which is responsible for creating jobs and investment opportunities in Georgia, since November 2016.


Through his column on Main Street News, Commissioner Wilson once again showed his support for SK Innovation’s investment in Jackson Country, where the company is building its first EV battery manufacturing facility in the U.S. He called SK Innovation’s investment “an enormous job and opportunity-creating project in Jackson County”, and “an economic game-changer, with the potential to create significant benefits not only for the county and the City of Commerce, but for businesses across Northeast Georgia.”


Pat Wilson emphasized the economic benefits that the project “is already creating”, while pointed out that SK Innovation is not only providing the temporary construction jobs but also “on its way to making a difference for the 2,600 individuals SK Innovation will soon directly employ for the long term.”


Stating SK Innovation as “South Korea’s largest energy company”, Commissioner Wilson also mentioned the positive effects of this project to “suppliers locating within the surrounding area.” He explained, “The magnitude of this multi-tiered project will serve as a foothold for Georgia to take advantage of the rapidly growing electric vehicle industry.”


▲ Employees take pictures in front of the SK Innovation’s EV battery factory in Georgia


In addition, Pat Wilson shared that as “a native of Northeast Georgia”, he felt “excited to see this kind of opportunity come to [his] home region.” Furthermore, he expected that SK Innovation’s project will “generate $271 million in revenue for Jackson County over the next 20 years.”


The Commissioner of GDEcD continued by reiterating the importance of the investment from international companies in Georgia, calling it “a vital part” of their communities. He highlighted the SK Innovation project, and believed it “unequivocally a great deal for the state, especially as we work hard to generate economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.”


At the end of the column, Pat Wilson affirmed that “The EV battery plants in Commerce will put Georgia in the driver’s seat for the next era of the auto industry and ensure our economy keeps growing at a time when we need jobs most.



Author | SKinno News