SK On to certify the battery value of used cars by cooperating with K Car, Korea’s largest directly-operated used car platform company
■ Signed a business agreement with K Car, the No.1 used car platform company in Korea, on February 24 – To certify after measuring the lifespan and value of the batteries of used cars that K Car purchases and sells – To provide a reliable service by calculating the battery price of used electric cars ...
SK On to build Reused ESS for construction sites in collaboration with KESCO, SK Eco Plant, and KD Power
■ SK On joined a quadrilateral MOU with KESCO, SK Eco Plant, and KD Power  ■ To operate and verify temporary power at the construction site using an ESS built with recycled batteries  ■ To construct a BaaS model for an eco-friendly virtuous cycle of resources that will expand the ecosystem while lowering electricity prices  ...