SK Innovation’s first PR campaign in 2021: “Accelerate Korea to the K-Green”

SK Innovation has revealed its first corporate PR campaign in 2021 under the theme of “K-Green”, which indicates the going-green target of Korea. This campaign shows the company’s strong will to achieve Green Balance 2030, the key growth strategy through deep change of SK Innovation.


As in K-Pop or K-Drama, through this new corporate PR campaign, SK Innovation intend to promote the eco-friendly side of Korea to the world. SK Innovation also explained that another purpose of the new campaign is to encourage people to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic together with the innovative DNA that Korean citizens have.


SK Innovation explained that it will establish itself as a leading company in K-Green, through the growth of the company and the strong practice of Green Balance, its key strategy to accelerate ESG management. Green Balance is SK Innovation’s mid- to long-term growth strategy to completely offset the negative impact on the environment by 2030.


With the goal of “Green Energy & Green Materials”, SK Innovation is focusing on boosting its EV battery business. The company’s other businesses are also going under reconstruction and reorganization in the direction of “More Green, Less Carbon”.


“This campaign delivered SK Innovation’s strong will to open the new era of K-Green, which indicates the eco-friendly wave driven by Korea,” said Lim Su-kil, Head of the Value Creation Center of SK Innovation. “It also shows SK Innovation’s direction of growth that will be motivated by our green business-oriented deep change” he added.




Author | SKinno News