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InterBattery 2020: SK Innovation aims to be the leader in the core battery technologies of safety, charging speed, and range
2020.10.22 | SKinno News


SK Innovation has announced the directions for its next-generation batteries at InterBattery 2020, which is Korea’s largest exhibition specializing in rechargeable batteries. The three-day event, hosted by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, is taking place at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, starting on the 21st of this month.



Through the event, SK Innovation aims to go beyond being simply known as a battery manufacturer. Its strategy is to establish an ecosystem of battery-related industries, including e-mobility, toward the end of developing a mutually beneficial growth model.


To reaffirm its position as a battery industry leader both in terms of safety and cutting-edge technologies, SK Innovation has set out to demonstrate its market-leading capacities in the three most important areas of battery technology: ▲ Safety from fires, etc., ▲ Fast charging speeds, and ▲ Long range.


SK Innovation is a leading manufacturer of batteries for e-mobility solutions and ESS energy storage systems. Participation in trade shows such as InterBattery 2020 is key to establishing confidence among customers and in the market, and is a major contributor to the progress of battery-powered industries. SK Innovation’s InterBattery 2020 strategy is similar to the company’s “SK inside’ strategy unveiled at CES 2020: to establish SK batteries as the market standard.


Accordingly, SK Innovation chose the slogan “Safer than ever, Faster than ever, Longer than ever” for the show, during which SK Innovation’s next-generation battery vision is unveiled. The event is a demonstration of SK Innovation’s commitment to the EV market and other battery-related industries.


 ▲ Inside SK Innovation’s booth at InterBattery 2020


SK Battery obtained its first global order in 2009, and it has been supplying batteries globally since 2010. To date, none of its customer – either of EVs or ESS – has experienced any battery fire. Through InterBattery 2020, SK Battery intends to position itself as the most trusted name in battery safety.


Charging speed is considered one of the biggest technical hurdles that EVs must overcome. Addressing this problem, SK Innovation is currently developing technology that will make the round-trip journey between Seoul and Busan possible with just two 10-minute charges. The company expects development to be completed by the end of this year or within the first half of next year at the latest. The technology is expected to vastly improve battery utilization, and to promote the popularization of EVs.


On the first day of the exhibition, President of SK Innovation’s Battery Business Jee Dong-seob visited the booth and said, “The features of SK Innovation’s products seem to be introduced quite well.” He added, “We will promote the business while putting safety of the battery as the top priority, and focusing on improving driving range, charging speed and extending battery life.”


 ▲ (Left) President of SK Innovation’s Battery Business Jee Dong-seob (left) and Head of Battery Marketing Division Kim Yoo-suk (right) / (Right) President of SK Innovation’s Battery Business Jee Dong-seob with press and staff inside SK Innovation’s booth at InterBattery 2020


SK Innovation was the first in the market to develop and begin mass production of NCM622 and 811 batteries. Based on capacities built through industry-first development of the NCM9½½ battery, SK Innovation has also been focusing on developing long-life batteries with long range. Although tests were conducted under optimized driving conditions, SK Innovation has already successfully demonstrated batteries with ranges of some 1,000km – also an industry first. SK Innovation’s high-density nickel technologies and know-how in preserving battery efficiency even after more than 1,000 charge-discharge cycles.


SK Innovation’s booth at InterBattery 2020 was built around six major themes: ▲ History and milestones of SK Innovation’s EV battery business, ▲ Global partnerships, ▲ Next-generation batteries and SK Innovation’s market-leading battery technologies, ▲ Global business milestones and manufacturing processes, ▲ A blueprint for an energy-cycling future economy through BaaS (Battery as a Service), and ▲ Social values and the battery business.


 ▲ (Left) Visitors check SK Innovation’s booth / (Right) A corner of SK Innovation’s booth at InterBattery 2020


Since developing its first lithium ion battery in 1996, SK Innovation has consistently been a first-in-market developer of batteries for HEV, PHEV, and BEV vehicles, as well as NCM622, NCM811, and NCM9½½ batteries. Exhibited at the SK Innovation booth will be a number of EV models from around the world powered by SK Innovation batteries.


Lim Sukil, Head of the SK Innovation PR Office, commented, “SK Innovation has made sizable investments into battery R&D since 1982 with the aim of becoming a Total Energy Solutions Provider; our presence at InterBattery 2020 is a showcase of the outstanding capacities which have garnered us numerous global partners.” He added, “The event is an opportunity for us to share our vision for the future of batteries with the market and our customers, as well as a starting point for cooperative growth with related industrial sectors and ecosystems.”


 ▲ A model shows the EV battery cell made by SK Innovation in front of SK Innovation’s booth at InterBattery 2020



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