Who We Are


SK Innovation, Korea’s first and largest energy·chemical company

SK Innovation is extending beyond Korea into the world as a top global energy and chemical company, jointly with SK Energy, Korea’s number one
refining company, SK Global Chemical, the leader in the domestic petrochemical industry, SK Lubricants, a global lubricants company, SK Incheon
petrochem, a refining and chemical company, and SK Trading International, a trader of crude oils and petrochemicals.

SK Innovation started as the Korea Oil Corporation,
the first refining and chemical company in the country, which led Korea’s economic development. SK Innovation
has grown into a global Korean energy and chemical company in various fields from petroleum production,
refining, chemicals and lubricants to future energy.

Business Areas

  • Petroleum Production
    SK innovation is actively engaging in
    petroleum production across the world,
    contributing to Korea’s energy
    independence and economic growth.

  • Batteries
    Fitted with the complete value chain for
    battery production, SK innovation is enhancing
    its global status through partnerships
    with automakers.

  • Information and
    Electronic Materials
    SK innovation is enhancing its competitiveness
    in the information and electronic material
    industry, such as Korea’s first successful
    development of LiBS.

  • Refining
    SK energy,a refining subsidiary,
    is Korea’s number one refinery.
    It exports various petroleum products produced
    at the Ulsan Complex with a daily crude oil
    refining capacity of 840,000 barrels.

  • Chemical Business
    SK global chemical, a chemicals subsidiary,
    has driven the development of Korea’s
    petrochemical industry and
    continues to take the lead through continuous
    R&D and business expansion.

  • Lubricants
    SK lubricants, a lubricants subsidiary,
    exports high-quality base oils to over 50 countries
    and finished lubricant products to 25 countries
    including Russia, China and the U.S.