Business Insight
SK IE Technology's LiBS, the Front-Runner in the Localization of Components and Materials Business: “Reaching the Global Top with In-house Technology”
  Magazine SK, the company newsletter of SK Group, has recently published the article, “SK’s Technological Independence achieved in the World market” which discussed the leading technologies currently in possession of SK affiliates.   Among the many technologies of affiliated companies brought by SK Group’s Deep Change strategy, SK ie technology(SKIET), a material business subsidiary ...
SK Innovation Aiming to Take Lead in Battery Innovation through Developing Recycling Technology
  SK Innovation is drawing the industry’s attention as it seeks to become the first company to commercialize the technology to retrieve lithium hydroxide (LiOH)(1) from the cathodes of spent batteries of electric vehicles. (1) Lithium hydroxide is more efficient for high-capacity lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide (NMC) than lithium carbonate, and its supplies and price volatility may increase ...