SK Innovation’s 2021 PR campaign: “SK Innovation Going ESG!”


SK Innovation has been attracting attention not only in Korea but also around the world for its corporate PR campaign every year. Following the popularity of the “Innovation is in our Nature” in 2019 and “It’s time to Act! in 2020, SK Innovation has launched its latest corporate PR campaign entitled “SK Innovation Going ESG,” expecting positive responses from global viewers this year as well.


As the ESG paradigm is becoming mainstream all over the world, it was chosen as the main theme of SK Innovation’s corporate PR campaign in 2021. Instead of breaking down the term by using common explanation, SK Innovation demonstrates its own ways to define ESG and show its effort in building a new identity “New SK Innovation” through a short video that even young children can enjoy.


Let’s check SK Innovation’s new campaign by visiting our Youtube channel or clicking the video below:




Author | SKinno News