SK Innovation’s 2020 PR campaign: “It’s time to Act!” – Conservation mode



“As our screens get darker, our future becomes brighter.”



This is how the new advertisement of SK Innovation begins, and it is also the only one scene of the video using a white background. The rest of the one-minute video is all covered in black, as if it was switched to the dark mode.



Since last year, dark theme or dark mode has been a hype for internet users. More and more applications and web browsers add the function to switch the default white or bright surface into the dark black one. It is not merely because black has always been a favorite colors of many, people keep looking for ways to enable dark mode for other good reasons.


Nowadays people are surrounded by screens of various devices, such as cellphone, laptop, TV, etc., almost the whole day all but the more we are exposed to bright screens, the more our eyes will hurt. Exposure to light was also proven to be an indirect cause of insomnia, headaches, obesity and so on, thus nowadays, people find dark mode as a good way to alleviate the negative effects of display devices.


Moreover, dark mode is not only serving personal benefit but also an effective way to save the earth. Studies confirmed that switching to dark theme can prolong battery life, thus these days we can find on most smart phones the “Low power mode” or “Power saving mode” that turn off some unnecessary functions or dim the screen as much as possible.


As a major player in energy industry, SK Innovation knows how important it is to save energy and we have been making various efforts to reach the target of Green Balance 2030(*). Accordingly, the new advertisement entitled “’It’s time to Act!’ – Conservation mode” is our attempt to call for energy conservation in a dark, quiet but meaningful way.

(*) Green Balance 2030: SK Innovation’s strategy to mitigate the adverse impacts of management activities on the environment and produce more positive impacts as a way to create a balance between the two by 2030


One of the most remarkable point of the video is that it shows by using black background, the video can reduce power consumption by more than 30% compared to a bright one on white background. This is the result of a real test requested by SK Innovation and conducted by HCT Co. Ltd., an institution accredited by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme.


In particular, SK Innovation’s PR video this time does not only convey the go-green message through a copy text but it also reflects the Brand Activism through proving that the viewers can directly experience how to save energy by simply watching this video. With this innovative idea, after only one month, the advertisement hit more than 20 million views in Korea. Following the popularity domestically, SK Innovation has recently released the English version of its new ad campaign to deliver the message to people all around the world.


Now, let’s join to save the earth simply by checking our new ad campaign video below!



You can also download the screen saver for free by clicking this link:


Author | SKinno News